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Profi Natural Set


For a complete manicure of natural nails. For treating natural nails and for working on artificial nails. Suitable for professional and home use.

Art.-Nr. 190011 abrasive disc, sapphire
Art.-Nr. 190041 felt cone buffer
Art.-Nr. 198130 silicone polisher fine, yellow
Art.-Nr. 198131 silicone polisher medium, black
Art.-Nr. 198132 silicone polisher rough, green
Art.-Nr. 198020 abrasive cone, diamond
Art.-Nr. 198535 stone abrader, standard
Art.-Nr. 198540 diamond milling cutter, small cone
Art.-Nr. 198571 soft polisher, textile
Art.-Nr. 961910 design hard box, transparent

(All bits are with rounded shaft and have the standard size 2.32 to 2.35 mm.)

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