Strip-Less wax Aloe Vera 1000ml
230,00 kr
(inkl. moms)
Xanitalia  Wax Beads allow you to wax without strips.  Xanitalia  come as wax beads, making it easy to pour into your wax warmer.  Simply apply the wax onto your skin, let it dry, and peel off.  Aloe Vera is ideal for mature, dry skin types. Directions Of Use: Heat the wax in a suitable wax heater. Continue heating until the wax is completed melted,s smooth and warm, with a creamy consistency. Check the temperature of wax by testing on the inside of your wrist. Apply wax using a wooden spatula. Apply a thick, even layer, working in the hair growth direction. Remove wax once it has cooled, beginning from the edge and tearing off sharply against the hair growth direction. Aloe Vera is ideal for mature, dry skin types. Wax without strips Wax beads, making it easy to pour into your wax warmer Easily spreadable and elastic.