Abrasive wheel -Sets- HM-Bit Pro
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Abrasive wheel -Sets- HM-Bit Pro

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198556 Carbide titanium milling cutter, rounded barral

  • tip blending to the natural nail
  • dulling the tips, shortening of artificial nails
  • you can file the nails thinner on the hem at the nail
  • for removal of gel and acrylic
  • extrem durable
  • rotational speed: up to 25.000 rpm

198557 Full Carbide-Bit, barrel, cross cut

  • special grinder for both running directions
  • fast removal of the modeling (gel and acrylic)
  • special coating avoid heat development
  • very fine structure on the nails image
  • extrem durable
  • rotational speed: up to 25.000 rpm

198425 Hard alloy bit, narrow cone

  • is particularly efficient by s.g. Lifting. Finishing touch and quick removal of gel or acrylic is possible, even in the nail fold. Rotational speed: up to 40.000rpm

198442 Hard alloy grinder, bigfootball

  • Thanks to it shape, the small pointed cone is ideal for precise ablation of gel and acrylic also the delicate points just before the nail fold. Rotational speed: up to 25.000 rpm

198451 Hard alloy grinder, barrel, (fine, rough)

  • Combination cut (with fine and rough elements)
  • very durable
  • fast removal without heat development
  • very smooth surface structure on the nails
  • Rotational speed: up to 20.000 rpm